Welcome to the students joining this blog from Jarvis, Ontario, Canada.

In my last post, I sent out an invitation to 9&10 year old students to join our blog. A teacher, Megan Cowan from Ontario, Canada responded. She encouraged her students to research countries not listed on our blog and add a post. Some of their posts are now on the blog and more are in the works.

What started out as a simple blog for 4th grade students has grown, organically. The initial blog received comments from more countries than we had posts. The next logical step was to increase the number of posts. Our students wanted to hear from other students. We are delighted to have the students from Canada join this bog and invite students from all over the world to comment or send a message if you would like to add a post.

Posts from students in Canada have the country code CA next to their name and the students form the United States have the letters US next to their names.

Please comment on the Kidblog and be sure to include the country where you live.

Thank you.


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